This adorable little baby horse was rescued on Vieques in 2012. (shown here, getting a much needed "tick bath"-  she was covered with them), and is now living a happy life with caring owners!   She had an extremely infected eye, and was branded on the face, right near that eye  (not showing- it was hard to look at).  

Luckily, this little motherless girl survived.  Her owner had left her alone, frightened and suffering from many injuries. Her owner had proclaimed that there was no money at all to provide any type of care for her eye, or any other injuries.   Even worse, the owner had left her out in the sun with no food or water for days. She would have probably died if nobody had intervened.

  The police were called, and came to the scene, and they spoke to the owner. Sadly, even though the police, the VHS, the authorities on PR were contacted and did their best to help-even after the horse was rescued, no charges were ever brought against the owner. Sadly, the same type of abuse and treatment has been photographed by many other people in the same general area and it seems that abusers find it easy to simply go and get another horse.

  The group of caring citizens at want to reduce this type of neglect and abuse on Vieques, and hopefully someday end it.

RADIO VIEQUES to the Rescue!!  On  THURSDAY  Nov 21 at 10am  AT THE FORT:  Please come to a meeting where radio Vieques has invited all interested people to discuss creating regular programming which addresses animal welfare/rights on Vieques!!  This is a great opportunity to promote change, and brainstorm ideas to hep the innocent animals!

A rescatar!  RADIO VIQUES.  El JUEVES, el 21 de nov a las 10am AL FORTIN:  Que vengan a una reunion! Se nos ha invitado Radio Vieques a todos los que se preocupan de los derechos y el cuidado de animales asistir a una reunion a las 10 el jueves para discutir ideas para la programacion en la radio.  Es una gran oportunidad promocionar el bienestar de los animales inocentes!

Jinetes y Caballos de Vieques  (JCV) lleva las clinicas de entrenamiento de caballos sin violencia a Vieques-  libre de costo

Jinetes y Caballos de Vieques  (JCV) brings non violent horse training clinics to Vieques- free of cost!


CULTIVEMOS UNA FLOR en Vieques!  La flor es proveer servicios a los jovenes viequenses para saber entrenar y cuidar a sus caballos, ,iibre de costo.

Quisieramos ayudar a los jovenes jineteros de Vieques, y tambien ayudar a los preciosos caballos de Vieques!

Las Clinicas

Ofrecemos las clinicas de entrenar / cuidar a caballos sin violencia, en Vieques. Las clinicas son gratis, y se las ensena en espanol.

Buscamos los expertos de entrenar a los caballos sin violencia.  Si es Usted, y podria ofrecer sus servicios, favor de comunicarse con nosotros a


Let's grow a flower in Vieques!  The flower is to provide more services to young Viequense horse owners for free, to learn how to train and care for their horses. The more that young horse owners learn about horsemanship and proper care of horses, the more horses of Vieques will benefit! 


We offer clinics of non-violent horse care / training in Vieques.  The clinics are free, and they are taught in Spanish. The hope is that young Viequenses will grow and appreciate and care for their horses and create a new generation of gentle horse training and well cared for horses.

If you are experienced in non-violent horse training, we are looking for you.  if you speak Spanish and could offer your services to present a clinic(s) in Vieques, we would like to speak to you. Please contact us at 

SUGGESTIONS:  This website, and this group is just beginning.  We are looking forward to all of the comments from those who love Vieques horses.  If you have an idea to improve the conditions of Vieques horses, we are interested in hearing the ideas.  This group formed spontaneously after many people saw cases of severe horse abuse and severe horse neglect on Vieques. (I have been sent many photos, from many different people, which are very difficult to look at).  These same people also saw some excellent, caring horse owners on Vieques.  The hope is to help promote and encourage proper horse care and training on Vieques, and reduce or eliminate the very sad instances of extreme abuse and extreme negligence. These clinics are counting on peer pressure to spread the pride of having a healthy well cared for horse, and also the disgrace of having an extremely abused, or painfully thin neglected horse, with one's brand on it (sometimes on the face).  

SUGERENCIAS:  Este website y este grupo es el principio, nada mas.  Quisieramos oir comentario de los que les gustan los caballos de Vieques. Si Usted tiene un idea para mejorar las condiciones de caballos viequenses, queremos escuchar.  Este grupo se formo despues de comunicarse muchas diferentes personas que se preocupan de varios caballos sufriendo del abuso extremo, y varios caballos que andaban muy delgados, muy enfermos, y a veces con marca en la cara.  Muchos creen que es importante ayudar a los jovenes jinetes de Vieques, para que entiendan cuidar y entrenar y domar sin violencia a sus caballos.

Opportunities to Volunteer and / or donate:  "ENRIQUE FLIGHT"

At this time, we have an offer from owners, to come and give clinics in the care and non-violent "breaking" and training of horses.  They have offered to come to Vieques and give the clinics at no cost to anyone.  They will do all the preparation and work. They will send Enrique, one of the owners, to teach the clinics.  Enrique is only asking to have his flight paid for.  The Round trip flight is $1000.  Several kind people have already donated for this flight.  if you would like to donate any amount, please contact us by email:  This donation opportunity is named:  "Enrique flight". So far we have $220.

Oportunities to Volunteer / donate:

At this time, we have discussed "internships" for young deserving Viequense horse owners to visit and work at horse farms with experience in non violent horse breaking and training.  We would like to send the young viequenses to work and learn at these farms, so that they may return to Vieques and share their experiences with the local horse community.  If you would like to donate to our first offer, from, to receive a young Viequense named "Johnny Gaston", please email us at  If you have knowledge of a horse farm which would accept a young Viequense, we would love to hear about the possibility,  please email us at  

, Vieques, Puerto Rico | 917-455-8291